Thursday 5 September 2013

The Sewing Summit, Salt Lake City, Utah

  The Sewing Summit

Taking a page from my sons books........I leave for The Sewing Summit in 12 sleeps. It is getting closer, it seemed so far away when I purchased my ticket back in April.  Of course I had to book my flight right away to get a good deal.  I got a great deal except my flights have changed 3 times, I'm so  glad that I booked it at the travel agency less stress for me.

As we are coming down to the wire, I had  realized that I needed a new bag or purse.  I have decided to make a messenger bag out of distressed leather, in burgundy.   I have been making up the pattern as I go making notes so I can make it again. The only problem doing it this way is you keep changing things and adding a few other things.  I hope it doesn't end up being too heavy to carry. I can fit my lap top into it if I wish and a lot of other things I most likely do not need.

I also have to sew a pouch for the secret swap, I know I will make it in time.  As I always finish things I making for Christmas even if it means staying up late on Christmas Eve. So no problems it will be done.......I guess we can't take our scissors on the plane.

This is the front flap and the main body piece, I have added extra support in the bottom for all the extra stuff I will carry.


QuarterMileQuilts said...

Loved this bag when I first saw it on the flickr group page!
Double check, but I am pretty sure you can take small pairs of scissors on the plane. Granted I was traveling within the US, but I took a trip last week with my small scissors and did paper piecing on the plane! - Kate

Carry Hers By Natalie said...

Thank You. I haven't even though of what I will try to do on the plane, sewing wise. I don't do as much hand sewing, most likely because I would then have to take my cheater glasses. Which of course I would most likely misplace.

I think to play it safe I will just put my sewing stuff in my checked bag and I wouldn't have to worry about, what they won't be happy with. With going on two different airlines I think I'll take a book instead.

Look forward to seeing everybody,6 sleeps and then I'm on my way.

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