Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sewing Room Remake.

This is the reason I needed to remake the sewing room.  It was suppose to be a quick fix, to have for a sewing table and storage...........a good idea at the time.  Until I realized once I got it home that the owner was a smoker and no amount of cleaning was going to get rid of the smell.  


Well this is what it looks like now.  A new table top and  a lot of paint.  I couldn't  resist painting the inside of the drawers the same turquoise that I used for the top.

 I used B-I-N 2 which blocks smoke.  I painted everything on this sewing machine stand, even the underside of the drawers with it.  I then used C-I-L Smart3 Furniture & Cabinets Melamine Finish. Both this products were amazing.

I made sure to not place the sewing machine on  the stand until it cured for a week.  This way the new table top should hold up to years of use.

 Of course as I had to move things around to fit in the cupboard.  I decided to build a new bookcase to fit around the fireplace as it was wasted space.  (We had all the furry friends removed first and capped the chimney so no more visitors).

I went to Rona where they had scrap lumber on sale and then they cut it to the sizes I needed. I made two bookcases and screwed them together and then trimmed them out so it looked like a built in.

I had built a base to cover the bottom of the fireplace so I could sit the bookcase on it.  I made a shelf cap of the top mantle as well so I could  place my books there.

The bookcase is filled with all my purse hardware, the boxes above are zippers and webbing for the handles on the bags. I can now find everything I need to make a purse quickly.

This is the room as you walk into it with the main work area.  

I have all my machine set up in the one area like a triangle I can use one chair and roll from machine to machine.

The cutting table is right there as well and as you can see, so is my row of cupboard that my husband and I  made up.

Someday I hope to have working ceiling lights in my sewing room. So for now I have a lot of floor lights and clamp on lights.

I'm very lucky to have a sewing room for myself. I love sewing in this room now.  I'm very happy with how everything turned out and that I have enough room to have things set up the way I like too.