Saturday, 21 April 2012

Carpet Bags

I made these bag a while ago.  I love making up my own designs for my Carpet Bags. I have an Reliable MSK 1541S walking foot machine.  It will sew through the carpets so easy, that way I can add leather to a bag with no problems.  I love to try sewing just about anything that will fit in the machine.  That way I can make one of a kind bags.  Looking for different carpets to sew is fun, the bags can look so different by how you sew the a carpet together.

The smaller carpet bag at the bottom I added leather handles to it, I used that one for my purse last fall.  I wish I would have picked up more of those carpets as the color was so nice and bright. It was a prefect size to carry around, not so big that you filled it with too much stuff.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Lisa Lam has done it again.............

Lisa Lam's Fashionista  Baby Bag

Front Snaps using magnetic snaps in very contrasty patternInside Lining showing inner pockets and Label


Lisa Lam has a new book coming out A Bag for All Reasons.  I can't wait for the book.  I was able to order a PDF 3 Beautiful Bags an exclusive extract from the forth coming book.  So happy I did, I started with this Fashionista Baby Bag.

What a great Diaper Bag!  Plenty of pockets, lots of room for everything a baby parent could want.  There is a zippered inside pocket to put your wallet and phone.  The bag closes with a zipper. I added snaps to close the front pockets as, I'm not a big fan of Velcro.  I also added a key holder, or it could be used to hold the babies soother.  I have already cut out some jean weight fabric to make another one.

Once I have it finished I will go on to try the next pattern which is the 3-in-1 Conversion Backpack.I think I will try it in leather.

Lisa's patterns are straight forward; she is very good about the writing of her patterns. You understand them.  You are sure that if you follow her instructions and use her patterns that the purse will turn out just like it is suppose too. Lisa's tutorials are also very good.

On her website you will find bag making supplies, and lots of information and help.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Overnight Bag For Myself.


Well this is a project that I started awhile ago.  I wasn't happy how things were going together so I left it sitting in my sewing room. I was going through everything, Spring cleaning I guess.  I got out every unfinished project, and asked myself if I would ever really finish this or is just something that will sit here forever. This was the only project I saved, all the others were not ones I liked as the pattern wasn't right or just not my cup of tea to finish it. I saved the fabric if I could from those projects, otherwise they went.  One contractor bag later, of things I had accumulated over the years, of course stuff I wondered about why the heck I have it. I can see a few empty spaces to work in, I really need to sew a lot more and stop bringing in new stuff till I empty my fabric stash a little more..... like that is going to happen, you can always find a few more little spots to put more stuff.