Wednesday 17 April 2013

The Woman's Cave

If men are allowed to have  Man Caves then I think the Women can have the same.

Hey I have a fire place,  a TV,  enough fabric to sink a small boat  ship and a few sewing machine in my Sewing Room.  It is in the basement so I can't see out the windows unless I use a chair. I at least get a lot of sun in it during the day.

Now I really don't know if I want to call my Sewing Room my cave, I hope it will would be called something different.  To start off I would not use the fire place at all.  For two three reasons  - The room is way too small to use a fire place in, as I would die of heat.  -  Also since it hasn't been used since we moved in 9 years ago it most likely has something that has nested in it so I would smoke myself out. - (Since I started writing this post a ew weeks ago something did move in, unfortunately it didn't leave so we had to get a chimney sweep in and then a cap added to the chimney.)

The TV is great during the day when I have control of the remote, it is on the same receiver as the one upstairs.  I do get exercise with the TV as I have to go up stairs to change the channel.  I watch lots of hockey and other sports during the evening when I sew as DH has control of the remote when sports are on TV.  I'm so glad he doesn't want to watch Baseball.

I'm very lucky to have a sewing room, that is pretty much my own to use.  I have had the family computer on a desk in here until a couple of weeks ago. We have now gone to a lab top that the boys use so the room is now my own.  The boys are now upstairs using it and don't have to worry about what the are sitting on or what they might step on.  Now I can pile as much fabric as I want on that old computer chair.

Don't get me wrong it wasn't that bad having them visit when they used the computer, catching up on Mindcraft or what ever else they were playing. But it hard to share the space and computer with them when you are trying to sew a bag or purse and the PDF pattern is on the computer and you need to have them keep pausing their game so I can check the pattern.  It will be different now.

I was going to reuse the computer table move some furniture around.  That would have been the easiest thing to do.  I decided to make a sewing desk where you cut a hole and sink your sewing machine into so it leave a nice flat surface to sew on. Pinterest has such great tutorials.  I thought it would take too much time. So in the end and decided to buy a used sewing cabinet off Kiiji ( made since at the time) maybe because it was a great price and I would get a working sewing machine with it. Of course that was just what I needed another one.  I  was very happy when I picked it up got it home, I went through the drawers the only exciting thing I found was the ladies secret stash pack of smokes from the 70's never been opened they had been jammed in the back of the sewing cabinet.  Ok that was my first sign that it wasn't a good thing.

I should have known better.

So now it is a couple of weeks later I have been working on the cabinet in my spare time it has been taken apart as far as you can and I have been sanding and painting it with Kilz sealer it is guarantee to cover up the smell of cigaret smoke. I still haven't got two coats on it all yet, once it has all been coated, then dried for a few days, then it is lightly sanded.  Then the fun of starting all over with the paint.  I can't decide what color to use. Most likely black. It will match a few other pieces that I have.

So my idea of writing this post (that I start writing a month ago) is not going to be a witty post about how it is fun to clean the Women Cave. Take a change to work on a new sewing table and sort through stuff and purge the stuff you don't need.  I was going to say it takes a few days but it is great to get rid of stuff, find lost stuff and find room for more fabric. 

Well I can't say that the sewing room look better it looks worse.  There is a cabinet in pieces all over the floor. Most of the fabric has been put away most of it.
I have purge everything.  But I can't find my old sewing table as it's covered with the stuff I can't put away right know because the pieces are in the way.


This was the pile on the sewing table when I started
Someday hopefully in the near future, I will be able to post a great picture of my Cave.  Right now I give you a few shots of the scary cave.


Janelle @ Emmaline Bags said...

Can't wait to see how it all turns out! My sewing room is just a room with sewing stuff. It doesn't have the character that the pinterest rooms have. I just wanna sew! Someday, I might decorate!

Carry Hers By Natalie said...

I can't wait either. I wonder if there is a company called restore and clean your sewing room. They would be such a busy company.

RaspberrySunshine said...

Oh my goodness girl, do you have an awesome fabric stash!!! Your room beats mine...for the moment LOL. I think we all should go to HGTV and beg for some sort of craft room re-do show. Then volunteer ourselves! I say as long as you have room to sew, you're good to go :)


P/S MineCraft is the devil!

Carry Hers By Natalie said...

Thanks Cindy, I must admit to have a big stash of fabric. I have been folding a lot of it and putting it in the cupboards or shelves, I love the look of all the fabric being folded nicely so I can just grab what I want to use. But sadly as I start working on lots of projects at once the pile starts to grow bigger on my cutting table. Most likely because I need a shoe horn to get it back in. I'm in for HGTV they can come and do my craft room.

Maria said...

Goodness me!!!!!!!!! I though I was all alone. I'm a very messy sewer but make it a rule to clear and clean my room after each project. As usual rules are meant to be broken so sometimes I'll end up with a few projects scattered around. Can't wait to see how yours turns out.

Carry Hers By Natalie said...

You made my day Maria not everyone's sewing rooms are clean.:) I was beginning to think so. Whenever I looked at Pinterest they were amazing. (Mental note to me, stop looking at Pinterest)

Now my room would get done faster if I stopped changing my mind about paint colours for the cabinet. Also deciding to remove the old table top lid and the sewing machine. I most likely wouldn,t have used it and then the sewing area would have been too small to sew on. So before I start painting it I will rip off the old top and put on a new one.

At this rate I should be done in another week.

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