Tuesday 22 May 2012

I have been missing my sewing.

I find it hard to believe that I haven't posted in over a month.  A lot has been going on here, and my time during the day to sew has all but disappeared. My DH tore his Achilles Tendon on April 2nd. So I have had to drive him where every he wants to go or needs to go. Driving him back and forth to work everyday, dropping him off first then to school to drop off the kids,  turning around and doing it over again at the end of the day. If things work out I only have to keep driving him around till the end of June.  That's life and hopefully things will change back to a normal pace soon.

When we were sitting in the Emerg after he did it, I asked him if he had already gotten me my Anniversary card as our anniversary is on the 3rd........nope so I guess your not taking me out to dinner either.............nope. I offered him a drive to the card shop, but he wasn't really able to get around so no card for me or him either. I forgot that I had bought him a card I found it about a week later. He thought it was a funny card. We did get out for dinner this month to celebrate, after 13 years of marriage and 20 years together we don't mind waiting for things like that.

I have also spent a lot of time on my flower gardens, getting them weeded and mulched for the summer, and working on all the other lawn care needed.  I built my first block wall around a vegetable garden.  Now my boys can grow vegetables with help from their Auntie.  I made the wall but Auntie had to work up the soil and add the new mulch and soil.  I couldn't have all the fun.  We still have to plant the pumpkins and bird house gourds this week.  It will be fun to watch everything grow.

Now all we have to do is keep out the squirrels, chipmunks and bunnies. Speaking of bunnies I found a nest of baby bunnies in my flower bed that I was weeding.  I will have to leave that bed for the time being until they leave.

I have been waiting for  Lisa  Lam's  new book to arrive.  I got the notice it was shipped on Sunday, I checked the tracking of it today and it said it was out for delivery.  I waited all day for it, checked again tonight it still says out for delivery but won't arrive till the 24th.  I'm use to it saying out for delivery on the day they will deliver it.  Oh well only two more days to wait.  I already have a long list of bags, purses to make.  So I better wait to look at the book.

I have posted some pictures of my garden at the present, hopefully by the weekend I will have everything mulch and weeded....expect where the bunnies are.  Just in time to come inside and get caught up on everything that has been piling up inside the house.

The start of the vegetable bed. Notice the level,  I used .

The wall completed, very happy as the stones are level the whole way around.
The boys very happy as the vegetables are in, and the fence is up too.

The baby bunnies are under all the fur, I could just see them moving.

This is one of the flower on my tree peony. Love them.


RaspberrySunshine said...

Long time no see!! I love that raised bed. Never thought to use borders like that. My hubby works for Lowe's so I'm going to have to have him bring some home so I can try LOL. It's hard taking care of a hubby sometimes. Mine had major shoulder surgery last year and for a month the world was on my shoulders and boy it does stress you out. But eventually it settles down and we can move on to the more enjoyable things (like sewing!!) I didn't know Lisa's newest is out....need to go check that out. Her first one was fabulous and I refer to it often. Enjoy your gardening! Cindy

Carry Hers By Natalie said...

Hi Cindy so you know what I mean about no time. I use to work for Home Depot, so that is where all the blocks can from. DH did all the other borders.....I kept adding to the length of the beds. He did an amazing job on them. I couldn't find the same stones this time but I think it worked ok. I can't wait to check out her book when it comes. I ordered it back in October, so they just send it out when they get it in. Have a great week. Natalie

Fiona T said...

you've done a great job on your veg bed! and well done for using the spirit level - i think i'm going with "rustic" this year...

Carry Hers By Natalie said...

Thanks Fiona, Rustic isn't a bad thing. I usually just let my gardens do their own thing and let flowers pop up where they want. I hadn't given it a good clean out in a while. So it was time, the new mulch helps keep out the weeds. It will be good to go for another 2 years.

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