Saturday 21 April 2012

Carpet Bags

I made these bag a while ago.  I love making up my own designs for my Carpet Bags. I have an Reliable MSK 1541S walking foot machine.  It will sew through the carpets so easy, that way I can add leather to a bag with no problems.  I love to try sewing just about anything that will fit in the machine.  That way I can make one of a kind bags.  Looking for different carpets to sew is fun, the bags can look so different by how you sew the a carpet together.

The smaller carpet bag at the bottom I added leather handles to it, I used that one for my purse last fall.  I wish I would have picked up more of those carpets as the color was so nice and bright. It was a prefect size to carry around, not so big that you filled it with too much stuff.


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