Monday 3 June 2013

The garden is the reason I'm not sewing.

I have been spending a lot of my time outside in the garden. I love this time of year - seeing what has come up  and what has not.  I seem to have lost a lot of hostas, which is funny as they have been there for years.  All there was to show where they had been, were indents in the garden. I dug around in the indents - no little shoots coming up - in fact, there were no roots at all.

So needless to say, I had to replace them. I have never counted all the different hosta varieties I have, I also can not tell you the names of very many of them.   I can tell you I was sad to see that my Elvis Lives was one of the ones to mysteriously disappear.   My theory is the #$@%#% SQUIRRELS dug them up.  They are always digging around in the flowers beds.

We won't even go into the amount of Lime Ricky, Coral Bells that they have killed over the years, because they insist on digging them out no matter what bed I plant them in. I have a dream that the two I planted this week will survive to see the end of the summer. (Who knows I might be able to post a picture at the end of summer.)

I take so many pictures this time of year. I have so much fun trying to capture the colours of
Spring and the colour of early Summer.  Everything looks great and not too over-grown or tired looking.

I have Spring Bulbs like  the Orange Fritillaria  (don't quote me on the spelling)   Purple Allium.

One of my favorite is my Tree Peonies. I have this beautiful pink one that had 30 flowers on it this year. I also have a bold yellow one that had about 5 on it.

My Pink Poppy
and Lupins that the Bees love.


Bachelor Buttons and of course ants.

Annuals that I have no idea what their names are
but I love the splash of colours from them. 

Hopefully over the summer I will keep up with the picture taking.


Janelle @ Emmaline Bags said...

Your flowers are gorgeous. I used to have some really nice perennial beds years ago and I'm looking forward to getting back to that again next year. Delphiniums and larkspur were my favourite. Those Orange Fritillaria are just beautiful You should be very proud of your flowers Natalie.

Don't feel guilty about spending time in the garden, it's very good for the soul AND... plenty of time for sewing when it's cold!

Thanks for sharing!

Carry Hers By Natalie said...

Delphiniums are great, there are so many colours of them. I am proud of my gardens, they are a great addition to the house.

It is nice to be outside this time of year in the garden as soon it will be too hot here to spend time weeding and planting.

RaspberrySunshine said...

Look at all those beautiful flowers! Matt's folks are both master gardeners and have the most wonderful flower beds, but I seem to have a black thumb :( Give me a veggie garden though and for some reason I can grow stuff LOL.

I love seeing pictures of flowers like yours. You have quite a talent :)


Carry Hers By Natalie said...

Thanks Cindy, I'm sorry to hear about your black thumb. But growing veggie are a good thing too.

It's a very good thing as well that it doesn't effect your sewing ability.


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