Friday 23 March 2012

New Bags to show off.

The Purse and Tote were made with Leather and Upholster fabric.  The Tote has one large pocket and snaps on the sides, to help you place things in the tote.  The purse has a large zipped center section, and two side snap closed side pockets. Lots of room for everything you need to carry.


RaspberrySunshine said...

Nicely done!! I have not ventured into leather yet....may be afraid to LOL! How do you like sewing with it? Cindy

Carry Hers By Natalie said...

Hi Cindy, I Love sewing with leather. I have made some tote bags and a couple purses. I have a lot better luck with sewing it with the industrial walking foot machine. My first tote I made on my Kenmore. The only thing I have problems with is that turning it right side out is really hard on some leather weights. I figure that is why so many bag are sewn with the seams on the outside. You should give it a try, the colors are so great in it. If your try upholster weight, or sheep it is much easier to work with.

Janelle @ Emmaline Bags said...

Hi Natalie, I have presentd the "Liebster Award" to you you. Please see my most recent post for details!


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